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Easter Day 2012

The morning — alive, celebratory, hopeful — seems appropriate to Easter Sunday. A hundred shades of green, a slight haze, the call and response of birdsong, blue sky, a sunrise and a moonset, and cool breeze all speak of Life, in bold letters. (The picture to the left was what i saw from the porch when i woke up.) The idea and truth of resurrection have never meant as much as it does this year, and i pray that you have had a meaningful remembrance of The Great Day.

i am still at home with Gary, enjoying a pleasant spell. The brain tumor is still dormant, and my brother’s wobbly/forgetful status is the same as it was back in February.  We aren’t sure if we’re in the midst of a long goodbye or a long welcome back. i certainly hope the latter but have learned to stay firmly in a “day at a time” state of mind. Either way, we’re thankful that we get to celebrate this Easter with him.

Some years ago, i wrote a song for a charitable organization to express gratitude for the work they do to help others. It states what i might well say to so many of you who have made the risen-ness of Christ visible to me through your faces and faithfulness these past eight months. i hope you enjoy it. Thank you again for loving us.

Faces of Easter (click here, on song title, to listen)


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