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We had a good rain last night, with brisk winds, that might well bring the first big downfall of autumn leaves in the next few days. This is usually my busiest travel time of year, which means that time at home, in the past, has been shared with time out of town. This year, I’ll be here, to enjoy Gary’s company and to take in the fall season without the interruption of travel. I’m grateful to be right here, right now.

Many of y’all have asked about Gary’s situation.  He is still recovering from his cancer treatments (I heard an interesting definition of medicine recently, one that seems especially apropos for radiation and chemotherapy – “it’s poison with some good effects”) and seems more tired, more weak, and more forgetful than at any time since his tumor was discovered. Aside from a rash of headaches, his condition is pain free. We go for a follow up MRI next week and will meet with his oncologists the following week to discuss the findings. Gary is delightful company to keep and a typical day includes a healthy dose of good laughter.

This morning, as others in the last week or so, we will be in the studio to record Gary singing some of his favorite hymns. My piano sidekick, Dewayne Creswell, came up last week to record some slow arrangements of the songs and we are getting the vocals done at a pace of one a day. Gary can sit still for about an hour before he starts getting too tired to concentrate. His rendition of the hymns, with a slightly less than healthy voice, is beautiful. I make these recordings knowing what they might mean to us, his family and friends, in years to come.

Thank you again for your concern and your prayers. We feel very loved and cared for, and we are grateful. 


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