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Option 2

As an act of penance for taking so long to refresh my blog, I spent a considerable bit of time today writing about some things that I’ve been turning over in my mind lately. It was a brooding bit of prose which, when proofed, struck me as something that no one would want to read. So rather than inflict it on you kind souls who visit the blog from time to time, I am opting to give a very short update on life as I know it these days.

My brother Gary arrived home from Afghanistan yesterday. Niece Mary is getting married next Saturday. In the garden, turnips and beets are eating size. Charlie dog is at my feet just now hoping that I’ll toss the ball one more time. In my weekly Thursday morning reading to Mrs. Cox’s third graders, I’m halfway through The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tullane. Breezes of the last few days mean that the sweetgums and hickories are losing their leaves by the truckload.

Work goes well. I’ve been party to some thoughtful and witty conversations lately. Life in the community is rich. I got an iPad. My lower back bothers me sometimes but there’s still almost nothing I’d rather do than work outside in the afternoons. My hair is turning gray at an alarming rate. I still write a lot and cannot quite believe that music is my vocation. It is a beautiful afternoon and I’m going to take a walk with friends in just a little while. It’s all good.

In short, life continues to be a varied and wonderful smorgasbord of small jewels which, taken together, make a crown. I possess it gratefully and look forward to laying it down at Another’s feet someday.

… I hope you’re doing well. (Now wasn’t that easy?)


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