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02-Adorable BlushPaintings by Camille remix

The invitation asked, with strong emphasis, that we wear something purple.

The event was Camille Rigg’s birthday, her 50th, to be celebrated in part at a gathering of friends and family on a roof top in downtown Dallas. So, on the last Friday in May, at my last concert before 10 weeks on the farm, around 130 souls showed up in a remarkable assortment of lavender apparel. (I bought a shirt on Thursday for the occasion, a quite nice one, that you might see at a concert in your town sometime.)
Camille, a financial advisor turned watercolor artist who shares my fondness for sunflowers, was the purplest of all. See the photo if you doubt me.
By the time the sun had set, shortly before Dewayne and i began playing music, the Texas heat had given way to a “just right” temperature and an ever so slight breeze, perfect conditions for what we were there to do – celebrate a life well-lived. We sat with the interstate a hundred yards or so behind us and then, beyond that, the multi-colored skyline of that great big city. Pure sweetness.
Included in our set list was a song that we wrote for Camille. It’s one that I’ve wanted to write since I hung her first painting in my house. You can click on the line at the top that says “Paintings by Camille Remix” to hear it (if a music icon comes up, just click or double click on it and the song should play. i’m still trying to learn this technology and haven’t yet figured out how to import songs. Forgive me.)
Happy birthday Camille, and thank you for letting us be with y’all.


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